Where companies use Augmented Reality!

Polls show an increase of 27% for the coming years. This is the result of a survey of 604 companies over the age of 20 in Germany commissioned by the digital association Bitkom.

For AR applications, current training courses for education and training are at the top (57 percent), the result of collaboration (51 percent), construction and planning (49 percent) as well as marketing and trade fair appearances (35 percent). In every fourth company (25 percent) that uses AR, applications are used for remote maintenance, 14 percent use AR for step-by-step instructions. Only 9 percent use AR in sales, 2 percent for guidance or navigation.

AR is particularly in demand in these areas:
Companies that are currently still discussing or planning to use the technologies are primarily interested in the areas of construction and planning (61 percent), training and further education (58 percent) and collaboration (37 percent).

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AR in companies