This is how customer oriented complaints management works

Attention, recognition and appreciation are three of the most basic human needs. This is exactly where your chance lies with customer complaints.

Customers like to come back when these needs are met by a company. Even if the performance did not work as well as hoped.

By the way:
Around a quarter of all customers are dissatisfied with a product or service and complain about defects – they complain (according to, the average complaint rate is 14.6%).
With such a high proportion, it is important that companies have a well thought-out complaints management system.

You know it from your own experience as a customer: the complaints process is usually associated with annoyance and effort. In addition, there are often negligent errors in the processing of complaints. The customer could then finally be scared away.

This is exactly where Doingo Remote can help. The product reduces complexity and the risk of errors through simple digital instructions combined with Augmented Reality technology. Time-consuming and tedious processes are no longer necessary. Instead, functions such as video telephony, drawing, screen sharing or chat functions support the complaints process in real time.

In addition, training and courses for customer-oriented complaints management can take place from anywhere and be documented with one click.

With Doingo Remote, time expenditure and the risk of errors for complaint management are significantly reduced. Customers can be served more efficiently and individually, giving them the feeling of being taken seriously.

This is how dissatisfied buyers become enthusiastic customers.