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Doingo Remote is a digital remote support solution with augmented reality and enables the live transmission of video and sound with markings in the picture. We bring you to the scene of the action without actually having to be on site. Doingo Remote focuses primarily on reducing machine downtimes to a minimum and at the same time avoiding travel, at least where it is possible.

  • Completely web-based – Can be used on all devices without an app
  • Infinite number of caller links – No limits in use
  • Single sign-on – Use it for free for 15 days
  • Cross-industry – Applicable in almost all industries
  • Access from anywhere – Whether in the office or on the go
  • Video call with augmented reality – Solve the most complex issues


You can use Doingo Remote across industries. It offers you an efficient and more crisis-prone technology for your company.

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It goes without saying that a machine failure affects customer satisfaction. The “time” factor is probably the most important criterion when repairing the damage. The usual means of transport are time consuming. Communication via telephone or conventional video call also does not offer adequate repair options. The solution: Doingo Remote!

Whether in construction & amp; Construction, plumbing or electronics – the work to be carried out must be planned, discussed and checked. Doingo Remote helps you with this and brings you to the scene without actually having to be physically there. Doingo Remote supports you in a cost- and time-efficient way of working and enables you to devote your time to the projects that need your presence most urgently.

Stand by your customers with advice whenever they need you and thus strengthen the customer relationship. Doingo Remote offers you a digital remote support solution with AR that brings you live where the action is. Help your customer in urgent situations, assess the work ahead and strengthen your image as a caring service provider.



Our solution


Optimieren Sie Ihre Arbeitsprozesse! Doingo Remote verspricht Ihnen einen schnellen und einfachen Support bei der Lösung von Anwederproblemen.
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