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Doingo Remote is a company founded in 2018 and based in Würzburg. We support your service.
We enable browser-based live transmissions of video and sound with markings and drawings in the picture (Augmented Reality).
You can try Doingo Remote for 15 days without any restrictions and free of charge. We have different prices for further use, depending on the term. This way to our shop .
Data protection is of the highest priority at Doingo. In order to comply with this, our servers are in Germany and we are GDPR compliant.

1. Send link – Send the link for the Doingo Remote Call to the user with one click via email or messenger.
2. Start Live Support – Start the Doingo Remote Call and use all the features to help solve problems directly on site.
3. Solving a problem – With Doingo Remote you can guide employees or customers in a targeted and efficient manner in order to solve the problems at hand.

All you need is your email address. Simply register and try Doingo Remote for free. You decide everything else.