Are you looking for a remote help solution that optimizes your production processes and makes you independent of crises? In recent years, the demand for precisely such a product has increased in all industrial sectors. Since Covid-19 at the latest, remote support and augmented reality have become indispensable in order to be prepared for the new challenges. This is exactly what Doingo Remote is committed to. With the solution, companies can optimize their work processes, reduce costs and all that while maintaining the same service standards. In our Doingo Remote Blog we inform you about augmented reality, remote support, your chances and risks as well as the optimal start. We will also give you updates on our product.

Augmented Reality in machine and system service

Augmented Reality is the computer-aided expansion of the perception of reality. It applies digital information to the real world. Data glasses or smartphones can expand the environment in real time with visual images, videos, texts, etc. Examples are the IKEA Place app, which allows you to place furniture virtually in [...]

Sustainability from the first minute

At Doingo, we believe in sustainable business. Company processes have to be economical, ecological and efficient. With Doingo Remote, all three goals are pursued and that for all actors. Companies can operate in the most efficient, environmentally friendly and safe working conditions. CO² emissions from customer journeys are also [...]

Doingo Remote offers a crisis-proof service

Covid-19 poses enormous challenges for the global economy. Spatial work and visits are more restricted than ever and home office is now standard in every company. Crisis-proof remote technologies are essential to meet the requirements of the market in these times. Doinge Remote offers an uncomplicated and crisis-proof solution [...]





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