Almost unnoticed, consumers have long since started an AR revolution!

As early as 2025, almost 60 percent of people in Germany will be using AR, including almost everyone who uses social media.

The intention of the AR users is also shifting: the pure fun factor is no longer the only decisive factor, it should be useful in everyday life. The potential of Augmented Reality (AR) is still underestimated by many decision-makers – this is made clear by the new study ‘Augmentality Shift’ by Ipsos on behalf of Snap.

The most important results of the study:

– 94 percent of brands think AR is all about fun, while only 41 percent of German consumers think so because they see AR more as a tool.
– 60 percent of millennials cite shopping as the top reason for using AR.
– 82 percent of brands that create AR experiences say they increase sales in addition to customer acquisition and performance. In addition, the AR experiences improve loyalty and the customer experience for 75 percent.
– 73 percent of brands agree that AR makes products and events more accessible.
– 73 percent of consumers believe that AR has the potential to help the environment, e.g. by reducing returns. Even surpassed by 81 percent of brands who assume that AR can reduce their return rate.
– 74 percent of consumers in this country are interested in using AR to learn more and better understand the world around them.

AR Revolution